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Please Note: FSHotSFX and FSHotSeat are separate products; you cannot upgrade or downgrade between FSHotSFX and FSHotSeat. FSHotSeat includes all the functions of FSHotSFX. We recommend that you demo FSHotSeat first to see if you want the copilot and extra functions and then decide what's best for you.

Get the full-function FSHotSeat or FSHotSFX demos and put a little life into your flightsim experience! When you can't live without it, order it here!

Current Issues:
  1. Reverser sounds

    Reverser sounds may not be functional if you are using FSUIPC  version greater than 3.400.
FSHotSeat and FSHotSFX updates - 30 August 2013
FSHotSeat Version 2.4

2.4 fixes AI reverser sound problem with FS 9.1 update. Adds IFM selection of copilot pause distance.

FSHotSFX 1.1

1.1 update fixes AI reverser sound problem with FS 9.1 update. Adds a TCAS range option to better support other add-ons; NAV radio ident options.

FSHotSFX is our newest product, a reduced cost "lite" version of our flagship product, FSHotSeat.

FSHotSFX includes our exclusive Advanced AIBlast Technology, aircraft mechanical sounds, MP3 player and FlyBy View in one lightweight package. FSHotSFX runs as a background process that can be automatically loaded and hidden when MSFS loads.

FSHotSFX is ideal for pilots who do not require the copilot (or other advanced features) of FSHotSeat.

FSHotSFX features:

  • Full Advanced AIBlast Technology adds Doppler 3D takeoff, landing, overflight sounds to all AI traffic (55 sounds)
  • 12 new aircraft mechanical sounds like flap and gear wind to any aircraft you fly
  • 5 channel MP3 player plays random MP3s from your assigned folders
  • Adjustable FlyBy view that "locks" on landing
  • Programmable hotkeys control common MP3 player functions
  • Automatic load/hide/unload with MSFS
  • Works with default and most addon aircraft, ATC, AI traffic, and scenery
  • Demo works with any aircraft within 40nm radius of Chicago Meigs
  • Requires MSFS 2004 for full function or MSFS 2002 for slightly reduced AIB functionality

Note: FSHotSFX is a separate product from FSHotSeat; you cannot upgrade to FSHotSeat. FSHotSeat includes all the functions of FSHotSFX. We recommend that you demo FSHotSeat first to see if you want the copilot and extra functions (it has all FSHotSFX functions) and then decide what's best for you.

Get the FSHotSeat or FSHotSFX demos and put a little life into your flightsim experience! When you can't live without it, order it here!

FSHotSeat Version 2.2

2.2 adds a bit more chatter to your taxi-out with a full flight attendant "video" safety brief complete with background music. The CP will now give a short briefing (on passenger flights) immediately after the take-off clearance stop during the pre-takeoff checklist. The CP will give the passengers a fairly close estimate of where you are in takeoff order. Now, if you request the takeoff delay brief, the CP will list all the departure traffic by aircraft type.

A new IFM command, AC POH (off the reports menu) , provides you with important aircraft operating speeds during flight (as long as your aircraft.cfg is correct!)

Another new IFM reports command, Pilot Wx Report, will have the CP call-in for weather reports from nearby AI traffic when available--very handy when your assigned cruise altitude is bouncing your passengers around.

2.2 also includes a number of bug fixes (see Version Changes) including an install problem with FSUIPC when using character sets that a character other than a period in the decimal place.

Version 2.1

Ready to roll, 2.1 adds landing approach sounds to AI traffic, seatbelt management, uncontrolled field support, copilot Internet News chat along with many other tweaks and fixes (over forty).

If you are already a user, be sure you check the Version Changes on the Downloads page and in the Help File--a few things have changed slightly.

If you haven't flown a FSHotSeat flight, be our guest in the supplied Beech Baron in the Chicago Area. Experience our AIBlast Technology at O'Hare--there's nothing else like it. Fly a complete flight with Copilot Bob and see if you can achieve that elusive "Excellent" rating. FSHotSeat really gives MSFS a sense of purpose--and a lot more life.

Version 2.1 update requires version 2.0 installed (patched or unpatched.) If are running a version prior to 2.0 either get the 2.0 update from FlightSim/Avsim or uninstall your old version and install 2.1 Full Version.

FSHotSeat Version 2.0

Our exclusive AIBlast Technology has transformed MSFS air traffic from a busy yet silent world into what it's supposed to be...pretty darn noisy at times.

But that's not enough. We need more noise. Better noise. More variety.

Well, cover your ears...it's Advanced AIBlast!

We've taken our exclusive AIBlast Technology to a whole new level with:

  • 55 new AIBlast sounds
  • Takeoff spool-up sounds
  • Landing screeches
  • Hear overflight and enroute aircraft
  • Directional 3D sound follows your view direction
  • Precision aircraft detection
  • Precision sound timing in FS2004
  • 28 default aircraft classes
  • Reassign default sounds and volumes
  • Create new sounds and map them by model designation, right down to individual aircraft
  • Supports all default or add-on aircraft instantly; no setup.

There's nothing like the brat of a piston prop slicing the air, the throb of a twin turboprop syncing up or the whine of a big jet spooling up before blasting down the runway. Another whole new dimension in simming.

The overflight sounds will have you craning to see if you can spot it. The new Directional 3D sound will help there.

You can even hear other air traffic while you're enroute. Of course, if you can hear them, you're probably too close.

All your AI air traffic is expertly rendered with Doppler 3D effects right out-of-the-box. But if you want to expand, you can add your own sounds or download them from the web. Now your air traffic can sound as unique as it looks.

Check out the AIBlast Technology page for the complete technical lowdown. Better yet, fire up your copy of FSHotSeat and listen.

Oh yeah, and we did a few other things. A FREE update for registered users. Works with the demo, too.

FSHotSeat Version 1.3

We're at it again! FSHotSeat Version 1.3 is now available for FS2003/2004 with enhancements--ear and eye candy this time:

Real-time Visual TCAS

TCAS.png (56371 bytes) Now you can see what the audio TCAS is hollering about.

Get AI aircraft climb, altitude and direction information in real-time.

Three range scales, 10, 5 and 2nm.

Automatically highlights Traffic Advisory (TA) intruders.

Resolution Advisories (RA) are automatically decluttered so it's just you and him for quick evasive action.

Don't worry about the guy at 1 o'clock, 2 miles. He's 2,000 above and descending but moving away...unless he turns...

Moving WxRoute Map

Now you can follow you flight plan and weather in an easy to read graphical format at 50, 100, and 200nm ranges.

Looks like rain at weather station KBOW near waypoint CROWD but weather changes and so does your WxRoute Map.

WxRoute.png (82628 bytes)

Entertainment System Expanded

No more 1 channel radio, how about 10 channels with fast and easy IFM selection?

And not just music anymore, now you can get spoken Internet news, sports, technology updates and more, all free via compatible RSS/XML newsfeeds. Just pop in a URL and FSHS does the rest, automatically and transparently downloading news while you fly. News is available as a stand-alone news channel or during breaks in MP3 music channels--just like the real thing.

Quite a few other changes, fixes and tweaks--check the Help file for details.

New Visitors

If you are not familiar with FSHotSeat you may be interested in reading a post in our forums answering some good questions about FSHotSeat capability and design. See: Considering buying FsHotSeat...

FSHotSeat Version 1.2

FSHotSeat Version 1.2 is now available for FS2003/2004 with enhancements:

  • All new fast menu system
  • All new fast hotkeys
  • Preflight enroute weather forecast for your entire flight (FS2004 only)
  • In-flight real-time WX briefings from individual WX stations hundreds of miles ahead of you (FS2004 only)
  • New CP passenger enroute cruise briefing including routing information and real-time destination weather (FS2004 only)
  • AIBlast sound now supports up to 9 simultaneous takeoffs/landings (up to 3 of same AC type)
  • Selectable arrival airport
  • Selectable departure and arrival runways
  • Support for facilities modifications including airports, runways, towers, etc. ( FS2002 only at present)
  • Includes long-awaited ModDocs giving the lowdown on changing FSHS phrases and sounds
  • Numerous other code "tweaks"
  • Fully FSUIPC accredited; no extra purchase necessary
  • All registered users will be upgraded for FREE
  • Full-function Demo Mode
MenuExample.png (131652 bytes) Our new high-speed, In-Flight Menu puts new airport, runway and weather options at your fingertips.

Update requires installed FS2002 or FS2004 and installed FSHotSeat  1.0b or greater. Works in the demo mode too.

Why FSHotSeat?

Because Microsoft Flight Simulator, as good as it is, can be a rather lonely, sterile experience. No company, no objectives, no intensity, just...fly.

FSHotSeat changes all that by adding the missing pieces...the sounds and activity of aviation life, and an objective. It's not a panel or a gauge...it's all about intelligence, interactivity and sound...

The sound of  wind rushing past a landing gear. The hum of a fuel pump. The roar of other aircraft taking off and landing with Doppler 3D effects. Not canned, mind you. Each sound is keyed to something in your environment. Speed. Position. Activity. FSHotSeat doesn't emulate an environment, it expands your environment.  That's as real as is gets.

Interactivity? Well, when your FSHotSeat copilot calls a checklist item you're expected to flick the switch. Or turn the knob. You'll be reminded if you don't. Or you can turn it over and let the copilot do it. But the result is the same: intelligent interactivity. Rarely does the copilot ask you to do something he/she can't do. That's as real as is gets.

Intelligence? Weather reports. Position reports. Air traffic reports.  Radio settings. Waypoint calls. Every navaid, airport , and runway and aircraft  in the entire MSFS world...this copilot knows them all...by name.   Not just a voice, this copilot  is a character with intelligence...in spite the occasional bad joke. That's almost too real.

And for those long boring stretches, a disc jockey that plays your MP3s interspersed with weather reports and even commercials. That's as real as is gets.

To cap it off, you're being evaluated the entire flight. By your instruments. By the copilot. The passengers. And even your boss back at the office. Are you safe to fly with? Do you share the workload? Can you hold a schedule? A glideslope? Can you bring a hurtling metal tube to a smooth stop after a smooth landing? Or are you a moron? They'll let you know. On your permanent record. That's as real as it gets.

FSHotSeat is dynamic. It changes for you.   No laborious setups for different aircraft, FSHS adapts most aircraft without any setup. Same with flight plans. Just select an aircraft, punch a plan into the MSFS planner, add some weather and go. Don't putz...fly.

You won't find a cockpit environment as comprehensive yet simple. Serious yet fun.  Intense but rewarding. Nothing else comes close.  That's as real as is gets.

Check out the AIBlast tech page. Try the full-featured demo around the Chicago Area in our custom Beech Baron. Reward yourself with some serious fun.

Get the FREE Full-Featured Demo

FS2002 is great but it can be, well, a bit lonely and, dare we say...boring.  See how 6 new voices, over 100 new sounds, your own MP3 music, and something to do can change all that. 

Be our guest and log some time in our shiny new Raytheon-Beechcraft Baron 58 Demonstrator--we strongly encourage you to "try-before-you-buy."

Fly unlimited "booked" flights within 90 nm of Chicago Meigs.  Copilot, checklists, music and all sounds (including exclusive AIBlast Technology) culminating in your permanent flight evaluation.

If you're a rookie, watch copilot Bob do the work and learn where all those switches are.  If you're a vet, you'll want a good rating so you'll do your part as Bob calls the checklists.  But use him correctly, it's part of your rating, captain. 

Either way, we won't ask you to your spend time setting up...we want you to fly!  A plane, a plan and some weather.  That's it.  Go fly.  But it's not a simulation anymore...now it's an experience.

Secure Purchase via RegSoft

FSHotSeat is now available for purchase through E-Commerce leader RegSoft.com priced at $34.95 USD. 

FSHotSeat is available by download only but you may purchase by mail, phone or fax. as well as convenient on-line secure server.

RegSoft accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard and Eurocheques.

For on-line orders your key will be emailed to you as soon as your order has cleared (usually just a few minutes.)  Reload FSHotSeat and press the Register button for instant access to all your aircraft. Note: The computer that you register FSHotSeat on must be connected to the internet to register.

Get onboard...Bob's waiting!

b58Startup.png (88148 bytes) b58Smoky.png (111389 bytes)
Copilot Bob fires up number one on N886HS while we kick back Our Beech negotiating the Smoky Mountains in winter

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